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Fairmont Plaza
London, ON
(519) 455-8301
Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: Closed

Scotian Isle Baked Goods fulfills the need for quality, home-style baked products from our retail location and through our wholesale distribution network. Come and visit us today.

Home-style Cakes

Our retail cakes are available only on order. We want you to experience the freshest, unfrozen, home-style, cake. So, please give us two days notice. Remember, we only make our cakes in one size: 9" round.

White Cake
grandma's white cake
Our grandmothers basic white cake - used for all occasions. It is simple, dense, moist and flavourful. We can frost it with chocolate or vanilla creamy icing.
Available only in 9" round.
Chocolate Cake
chocolate cake
We've had this award winning recipe for years. Dense chocolate cake with the most amazing chocolate icing.
Available only in 9" round.
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
pineapple upside down cake
This cake has had customers coming back for years. Baked upside down in a cast iron frying pan, the pineapple rings are swathed in a house made butterscotch that seeps right into the cake.
Boston Cream Pie
Boston cream pie
An old time favourite. This is grandma's white cake with a custard filling and a dark chocolate sauce poured over the top.
Available only in 9" round.