13-972 Hamilton Road
Fairmont Plaza
London, ON
(519) 455-8301

Business Hours
Mon - Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: Closed

The History of Scotian Isle Baked Goods

Founded on March 11, 1988, and initially located at 881 Hamilton Road, in the Ealing Plaza, Scotian Isle has been serving Londoners for over 30 years.

Pat McDonald, the matriarch of the family, was a traditional homemaker with a rich history of pie-making. Each year the whole family was engaged to make pies, jams, beets, chow chow and pickles.

It was during the fall of 1987 when Pat decided that her pies were good enough to sell and together with her oldest son, John Jr., they started to bake pies and cookies and sell them at local markets.

Six months later, working from the home kitchen had become increasingly difficult - we were producing as many as 300 pies, oatmeal date cookies, peanut butter cookies, and dinner rolls - it was time to upgrade.

We found the location on Hamilton Road, loved its quaintness - it reminded us of an old fashioned tea room - and we moved in.

Since then, Joseph, the youngest son of the family, has taken over the business and grown it into a thriving, retail and wholesale operation.

the macdonald family