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RCR Coffee Club

PANDEMIC ALERT: Due to the Corona Virus and Covid19, our lunches and catering are not available at this time.  Please come back when the world is normal again and enjoy lunch with us.

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Every Wednesday @ 7:30 am - 11:00 am

Come meet all your old buddies and new ones too at the Scotian Isle R.C.R. Coffee Club.

History Of the Scotian Isle Coffee Club

Bernie Fogarty, the founder of the Scotian Isle Coffee Club first started bringing ex-Royals to our shop in the summer of 1998.

The ones to come were Bernie, Ronnie Tomes, Vic Arsenault and Jim Shaw. After a few weeks others started to show up: Moe Dubois, Bob Brown (Brownie), Al Leblanc, Chic Warden, Ray Britton, Harold Kelly, Marvin MacDonald, Art Preece, Donnie Balcom and Russ Smith. By December of that year we had a nice little group which included Peter Neufeglise, Tom Smith, Eugene Madore, Ed Duffney, John Jesso, Tony Blois, John Currie, Rick Rankin, R.T. Walsh and the list goes on.

Our first Christmas with the club was a special one. Ronnie Tomes arrives on Wednesday morning with a bottle of whiskey and chocolate oranges for the staff. Chic Warden brought toys for everybody. We had a Christmas toast; the gifts were passed out and then platters of Christmas goodies were set out for everyone to enjoy.

That was our first year and since then to the present our numbers have increased to up to 40 each week. The boys have brought extra tables and chairs, (thanks to Dave Rice's connections at Zellers they got a great discount.) to accommodate the overflow.

On occasion ex-Royals have come from Barrie region and special friends from the past hailing from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and British Columbia have joined us on some of our Wednesday gatherings.

The Coffee Club had been in existence for two years when we decided to move the bakery to the Fairmont Plaza from our original location on Hamilton Road west of Highbury Ave. Our first plan was to go strictly retail, no restaurant. The boys were so disappointed that we changed our plans and put the restaurant in the front. We had regular visits during the renovation period, (We knew they were keeping tabs on us). The first day we were open (Wednesday, January 19, 2000) they arrived in full force.

Everyone was given the "GRAND TOUR" and we started our new year in great style.

Every Wednesday since then someone new shows up. I am not too familiar with all of them but each face is a nice face and we love to see them come.

Our waitress, greets each one as he arrives. She knows exactly who wants a coffee or a tea; who prefers a muffin, a biscuit, cinnamon roll or toast.

These men have been fast friends for 30 to 40 years. The loyalty and comradeship is heart-warming to see and we look forward to many more years hosting the club.

We have lost some of our members and friends which has been heart breaking; but we have not forgotten them. A gold brick is placed on the memorial wall in the R.C.R. museum in memory of past comrades of the coffee club. Members make donations.